If you don’t know that i’m different
Then you haven’t taken a second look
I may always be dreaming
But it doesn’t mean i’m sleeping
Love is all you need?
Well last time I heard, love is the reason for heartbreak
The air is so thick with hate from the lit cigarette of society
That i’m holding my breath to keep from getting cancer
Everyday I drink from the cup of life
And I taste nostalgia
I’m drowning in the lack of water in this so called “ocean” you have pushed me in
If seeing is believing, then I hope you go blind
Because you don’t know what believing is
If you wanna know the story of my life
Well wait awhile, I’m currently writing it
Sometimes you have to walk on thin ice
But before it melts, remember it is okay to fail
And you may get knocked down so many times you forget how to stand
That doesn’t mean you stop trying to get up off of the ground
And when you get up you may be covered in blood and sweat
But it doesn’t compare to the sweet taste of victory
So wake up and smell the coffee
~ Julian Broadway