In the blink of an eye; not a second had past when the white blur formed in front of him. The door was chained and locked tight. Shelby looked up at the abnormally large building. All of it’s one hundred windows were blackened except one. One window broken. One window shattered and below him glass spread about front of the structure. He assumed there was no way in but the window on the top floor. Slowly the chains dropped and the door opened. It welcomed him with the thick almost solidified vast darkness around. He pushed to walk into the building, struggling as the atmosphere around pushed against him.
As he walked in, his steps echoed around the fairly large room. Shelby walked forward blindly, until he tripped on some broken bloody syringes. The lights flickered on and revealed a white-tiled room with nothing but the pile of syringes and a red door on the back wall. He turned around to leave but there was not a door in which he came from.
He stood for a brief moment to assess the situation. The room appeared to be a perfect three-dimensional cube shape with not too many imperfections in its physical structure. The preciseness of the room seemed physically impossible for any amount of humans to create. Upon closer inspection the realization came back to him that he was not in a place inhabited by anyone in their right mind. Shelby was in Limbo, or at least he was before the incident.
There exists only one other option to explore before he would run out of ideas. What lay behind the red door? Shelby carried on grasping onto the cold bronze knob of the decomposing wooden door and stepped into more darkness.

(part 53 of the Limbo trilogy)