Every door a new chamber
of mysterious nonsense
Everything has a reason
So, I must find out why
Why do I keep going?
Why do I wish to know?
This feeling inside nudges me toward
each fear I attempt to avoid
There has to be a reason
to these chambers
Something has to be right under my nose
or right before my eyes
but what is it?
Answers always just beyond my reach
Answers just on the tip of my tongue
I walk upon a loose dirt ground,
littered with the sands of time
Pieces of memories
of someone else flood my surroundings
I promise to go forth
because something tells me I will regret it if I do not
Suspended above me
hangs my doubt
that I shouldn’t trust the voice
that calls for me
My upper thigh stings
as the needle made from Boneblack
sews me into a quilt of those similar to I
The seed planted in the mind
Starts to grow a tree of forgiveness
Made from patches of human flesh
I will escape the sound
I will escape Ān Bás
I will leave Limbo
– Julian Broadway

(Part 56)