Upon first glance, the city looked as he had remembered it with the acceptation of the lack of people. It was an empty yet nuzzling city. Then with a further inspection, the city was revealed to be caved in from abandonment. All of the color was drained from the buildings and the roads. Everything was muted and grey. As he looked at one side of the city, another side began to crumble. 
One after the next, the city began to collapse upon itself. It crumbles like a coarse mound of dirt. Along with the physically representation of his memories, his emotional state was crumbling. He crumbled as he watched his city fade away from existence. He, his memories, his sanity, and the reflections of his former life blew away in the wind. All that was left was a lily sprouting from the ground. 
The very moment that he believed everything was at peace, the thorns from a rose bush sprouted out and entangled the lily. It choked the lily and in its place, roses sprouted.