With the silent draw of the bow upon the soft brittle strings, the night arose. “Aye, doth the moon appear as graceful as my dear fairest” With open palms and leading psalms, he sang into the pavilion. His voice carried itself like the leading man in a guild of white knights that pass through the moonlight. The loveliness of such graced his fairest for she was not awoken and unapproachable due to her current state. The young lad’s psalm brought life to the otherwise pale blue skin of the maiden that lay at the stone.

       This stone carved itself into the ground for it was not welcome where it had been placed. The headstone was etched and carved with wondrous beauty as was the woman in her own way. “Tonight be the most plentiful of our fruitful gathering dear maiden. Dost thou not agree?”  With no response from his fairest, the strange an accompanied his psalm with a foot tap periodically.

       As we peer at the disfigured maiden, we can only assume that the lacerations, carvings, and brutal markings on the carcass are a result from such insanity that has appeared in the man. The funeral for the princess occurred in such dramatic silence that the prince of such only wished for himself to be in the same place. At summer evenings he caressed his careless corpse and at nights he performed psalms for her. Little was known about why he did this, but what was known was the cause of death -this being from the brutal murderer that is the Prince- and why the funeral was silent. ©

– J.Broadway