Sometimes home isn’t four walls
but two arms
Coming from a generation of overthinkers
This is for you
Coming from a nation of stressors
This is for you
The weight of the world on each of our shoulders
as the world’s gets colder
we march together
Yet we are so alone
From a generation of forced starvation
This is for you
From a nation of hate and disparity
This is for you
Every day
pretending as if we’re okay
To say
that maybe one day
our depression will go away and just behave
To a generation of lovers
To a generation of loss
To a generation of curing ills with pills
To a generation that can’t keep breathing
under the weight of our own words
This is for you
This poem I write
in hopes that maybe one sleepless night
will not end with light
That maybe I can figure a way to love without loss
That maybe I won’t be so afraid to pain
That maybe i won’t let the weight of human emotion seer and ache
That maybe
maybe the bottom of my stomach would be filled with more bread than dread
Because i’ve always been more afraid of fear itself than gluten
To the generation that won’t stop
because they’ve seen too many of their own kind drop
like flies
It’s too easy to cease to survive
This is for you
To the kids that have trust issues
to the kids that abuse because it’s all they can do
and to the kids that have been abused
The kids that have been used
This life is for you
It may be hard
but it’s a gift
So this is for you