It’s dark in Seattle
Deep blue and black
mixed with the turquoise of the tears that roll down
like tidal waves upon my boney cheeks
I can smell the sick but cannot see it
however, this deathly scent is all I need
They say all you need is love
What is love when prescription drugs fill my lungs?
Passion aches my spine
Love tears my heart
and my right eye is blind due to the crime that is life
Shan’t piddled rum and bourbon and whiskey fill my soul
when deathly halls of fabric mark shattered storms of the walking father
He anoints in the trinity
yet my will to sign back is broken by my appending eternal slumber
All is well
All is lost
All is broken
Alternate schemes
and writing gleams
Like a soul filled ruby that cut like diamond
Sorrow psalms attempt awaken thee
but tis’ to no avail
Please comfort me, Seattle
It’s dark in here