In the existential crisis I am in
My current state will cave in
The complicating compilation of platitudinous monotony must eradicate its arms before I will lay one retina on you. This is due to the face the my compulsions have a vice grip on my body. My eyes; they dilate for I am alone within myself and my sole stance I am willing to take for myself singles me out from the world.

Here in your arms
It’s a fact
that I lack
the act
to tack
my evolving abstract
nack for black bracht
and negates and possibility for aleatory or unilateral contract

Yes, I may have piggybacked
on stacked stacte
that may be tacked in tact
But it’s easy to be thwacked in tracht or tracked on tract
This whacked act wracked yacked bellowing yakks

However, the rhyming subcontract my obstruct oral contact or reenact any damage to optic tract
So, I abide
my residing


( ©Copyright 2016