What hath cometh of righteous questioning
with an orderly spell râd gracious begang
Doth the bluest metscipe speak continuously
Conformly conformity
Gaudy tô cyning utmost prosperity
He slates and I quote,
“Slowly have a traveled
The leading cifesboren, twêonol.
I, with inweard twêonian, a mere
Brick on the throne of insanity.
Death, a calamity to upward molarity.”
He spoke with charisma and confidence
His stature, malicious and incontinent
as his furred heiress walked -his charred cneo bent-
Each lie
His wide and gaping stride
welcomed one’s own fear into the surrounding
His actions lyrical
Breaths, deep vowels; satirical
Loving grin, deep jarring jawline, empirical
He filled the room
Bigger than a big blume broome boom
Challenging a phasing blaze
Whom should it consider
The visitor
The inquisitor
He summoned alone
Brought with him the tone; subjective