Trying to make things less personal
Intentionally resulting more tasteful
Yet less meaningful
Or eventful
These four years have been like a rollercoaster
With rails going every which way
A dismay of sorts
Each track bellowing into nothingness
No light at the end of the tunnel
Despite this
The further i go unto the blackened pit of unknowing
I arise stronger
These four years have been a hurricane
Stretching across this four-year plane
Making four-year gains
Achieving four-year long strains
to test my sanity
Yes, this may be a poem of loose ends
But consequently this format describes those fateful four years and their eventful plans
To change my life
My being
My soul
Everything that I could possibly recall
Has sent me to where I am
this, final stage
This proper age
To not end
But begin
No, this is not meant for closure
This is not meant to cease exposure to
What this world has to throw my way
This is not an end
This is where I begin
Is where
We walk on
and on, this
going and coming
this morning
shines such lovely
light on
all of us
I have advice for all of you
Cherish these last moments
Be happy, you’ve defeated your opponents
Remember your friends you hold so dear
Move on from here
Without fear
And as your future appears
As it forms in the horizon of hope
Be inspired to move those mountains in your way
See the colors of the sunlight on your smiling face
Take this world on with a beating heart
A strong stance
And a gleaming glance
At your future
We are done
We are ready
We are prepared
We look not to the past in regret
Not in a shadow of a doubt
Not in any form of misguidance or discouraging thought
We look back to remember the good and the bad
Not to change it
Not to sweetly suffer in it
Not to use it for anything but a better propulsion for this future that lies ahead
We can do this
Nothing can break our stride
And though we may fall
We will arise
We will succeed
And I attribute this future success on the gracious path the past have given
So thank you
Thank you to the ones that pushed us to achieve greater things
Thank you to the ones who pushed us down
So that we inevitably bounced back with unrelentless strength
Thank you to those who stayed in the darkness to point us towards the light
Thank you to those who created that darkness, we now know how to defeat it
These four years have been met with those of both parties
Of whom push us towards our success or away from it.
Regardless, we have made it here
We are shaped by these four years
And to the next four I say
Bring it on
We will
By all means
And succeed

  • Julian Broadway ©

(video available soon)