Remember when we were young?
When the taste of life wasn’t bitter on the tongue
When reminiscing
wasn’t remembering
but was – in itself – an experience of the now
Remember how good times got
How they felt
How they were not bought
How sitting in the rain wasn’t a hindrance
but was a new experience
How the sweet acoustic of the raindrops
on petals sung sweet songs of stormy days
How the dreary nature of it all
was overshadowed by the light of innocence
How the wonderment of adulthood
lulled our young minds into hopeful creatures of dawn
How that hope kept the new day appearing from the clouds storm after storm
When did the showers
go from turning back hours
to killing our flowering youth
Was it the rain
The wet droplets falling from the heavens
The calm of nature’s way
Or was it nature’s way
That frightened our old souls from breaking the mold
Whatever it may,
the rain now falls a different way
as if to say
Remember when you were young.